• Make the Right Decision about Subject Stream in Class 11

July, 13, 2020


For most students in class 9th and 10th, visions of a career path are mostly restricted to childhood imagination.

“I’ll grow up to be a Doctor…a software engineer…a teacher!”

Ever since those early flights of fancy, very few actually give their career choice a serious thought.

Yet as class 9th ends or class 10th begins, all of a sudden, this question starts coming up in a big way. Parents, family, teachers (sometimes even friends) can’t stop talking about how you need to choose your stream after class 10th and that it is time you start deciding.

The choice of the stream (subject) directly affects the career. For example, you will not become a lawyer by choosing Science Stream and similarly, you cannot become a Medical Practitioner by selecting Arts Stream. Career selection is not something like coin tossing and we can set our stream based on head and tail!

Only a small fraction of students know exactly what they want from their careers and which subject stream they need to select in order to succeed. A majority of students need support to help them decide their next step. Another small number takes decisions based on what their peers and parents think would be good for them.

Alright, let’s not panic here. Stream choice can seem like a daunting task, but it is actually not that difficult if you are aware of your options and engage in a bit of diligent research and introspection.

In order to help you make the right decision today to succeed tomorrow, here are some simple things that you can do.

Self- Awareness

By Class 10, you have had enough time to know the subjects that you score well in and enjoy studying versus those that you dislike. It is important at this stage in your decision making to be conscious and aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s, Start preparing a list of

  • Subjects you would like to continue
  • Subjects you would like to discontinue and
  • Subjects you are confused or unsure of

For confused subject let’s, Ask yourself a question like:

  • Do I like that subject?
  • Am I really good with the subject and will do better with help of right guidance and coaching?

Know your Pre-Selected Stream:

CBSE offers 3 stream options which determine the subjects you will study in your class 11th and 12th and the career options you would ultimately have in the future.

The 3 streams in class 11 CBSE are:




Let’s look at each of them in detail which is offered by our school.

Science: The Study of the Physical and Natural World

The Science stream relates to the study of the physical and natural world through the study of pure sciences and their applications in the real world. From understanding how the laws of gravitation govern planetary motion to learning about the structure of the atom, you will uncover the many mysteries of the world around us.

The science stream has two sub-branches, divided based on the third subject you study:

  1. Medical – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Optional Subject
  2. Non-Medical – Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English, Optional Subject

Career Opportunities in Science:

Physics and Chemistry are common to both the branches and the primary difference lies in whether you opt for Mathematics (PCM) or Biology (PCB). However, students sometimes go with a combination of the two (PCMB), choosing to study Mathematics in place of the optional subject. A PCMB combination has its own pros and cons, and it is a decision you should take only after careful consideration.

From options in the biological and life sciences, such as Zoology, Botany, Microbiology, Biochemistry, to options in allied fields like Nutrition, Pharmacology, Psychology, Biotechnology, etc., there is a  lot of options for you to explore. Apart from these, those interested in medicine, yet not willing to go the standard MBBS route can even explore alternate branches of medicine (like Dentistry, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, etc.) or allied medicine fields (like Physiotherapy, Clinical Research, Audiology, etc.)

Similarly, popular opinion dictates that Engineering is the only option (or the only suitable option) for PCM students. Well, that is definitely not the case. Non-medical students can build their careers in a wide range of exciting fields such as Architecture, Aviation, Statistics, Defence, Design, Ethical Hacking, Merchant Navy, Computer Applications, Physics, Chemistry, and the list goes on.

Commerce: The Study of Trade and Business:

Commerce is a field that relates to the study of business, trade, and finance. Commerce students study how goods and services are exchanged, how businesses operate, how financial transactions occur, how the economy of the country works, and more. The indispensability of commerce and its related careers to our day-to-day living makes it a lucrative field to explore, and one with a wide choice of career options too.

Career Opportunities in Commerce:

The commerce stream is a popular choice amongst students looking to build their career in the fields of accounting, banking, finance and related areas.

The major and popular career options for commerce students after 12th include Chartered Accountancy (CA), Company Secretary (CS), Actuarial Science, Management, Economics, Bank PO, Investment Banking, Stockbroking, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Law, Hotel Management, and many more.

There’s going to be a world of difference between what you have studied up till class 10th and what you’ll be studying in these two years. Thus, it is important that you know exactly what is going to lie ahead

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– Prof. Kumar Anand Singh