• Lakshya bids adieu to the Class X Batch of 2019: Farewell

February, 12, 2019


Lakshya International Academy organized a Farewell Ceremony in the school premises on the 12th of February 2019 for wishing the outgoing students of class X. The ceremony was marked by games, dance, songs, catwalk and emotions.

All the students of class X were welcomed with great cheer by giving them flowers. Ayush and Riya were the hosts of the event. Performers entertained the audience with their energy-rich dance performances. The performances were thoroughly enjoyed by the audience!

Students of class X were called up on stage for a catwalk. They were also asked rapid-fire questions based on their respective thoughts and opinions of their futuristic aims and objectives of lives. Many interesting and tricky games were played to pep up the environment. Winners were given beautiful presentations.

Mr Shailesh Kumar the class teacher of class – X shared his experience with the students and wished them a bright future ahead.

Your success always lies in what you are doing right now,” So go on doing what you like to do because we are there with you.Shailesh Kumar (Class Teacher)

The school principal encouraged the students to move towards their career with a positive mind. He told them how important they are for the nation- building.

Don’t worry about the result if you do positive things and think positive. I think that the result will surely be positive. – Mr. Ramprawesh Ray, (Founder President)

Thus, he motivated the students by sharing his precious and valuable opinions with the students on this auspicious occasion. He wished them to have a wonderful, colourful and fruitful time ahead for the rest of their life.

Titles were awarded to students, the title of Mr and Ms Farewell was won by Rabnish Kashyap and  Akanksha.

On concluding the show Founder President gave the Farewell Speech! He wished all the students good luck for their future endeavours. And asked them to do their best and face life challenges with confidence.

Summing up, the day was great, filled with nostalgia and fun and excitement!

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