• Inter School Sports and Games Competition

December, 6, 2019


Inter School Sports and Games competition was organized between 18th November 2019 and 24th November, 2019 in the school, the Event was proposed by CBSE, New Delhi.

School sports and games competition are very useful for the development of children. With the help of sports difficult content can be easily demonstrated and understand by the student. It plays a vital role in the following:

  1. Health: It is well said that healthy mind lives in a healthy body. With growing level of obesity and temptation due to the different food habits and indoor games, it is mandatory to engage students in different outdoor games.
  2. Understanding about the ethics and moral values: When children are playing any competitive sports then they have to play under certain rules and regulations. When they failed to follow any rules then penalty in the games are imposed on him or his/her team. Student can learn the ethics and values by playing games under rules, discipline and guidelines.
  3. Social Skills: Friendships are so important in childhood and some find it easier than others. Taking part in primary school sports can be a great way for children to form friendships and build relationships with their peers.
  4. Physical growth: Using sports as an exercise tool helps a student to become physically stronger and increase the immunity to fight the diseases.
  5. Confidence: Win and loose is a part of life and game. Whenever any team won the match then the confidence within team boost-up so much. Using sports, the confidence of a student can also increase.

Teamwork and Leadership qualities: When any child play a team game then often, he gets a chance to lead his team. Leadership is special quality in life and sports is one of the platforms where the child can understand the essence of leadership. By recognizing the skills of others, supporting their teammates and encouraging each other, competitive sports are great for developing children’s understanding of what it means to be a team. For certain children, becoming captain or leading a team can be a great way to discover their leadership qualities, and learning to manage and organize a team as well as being part of one.
Lakshya International Academy has organized Inter School Cricket and Kabaddi championship in the school playground between 20th November, 2019 to 27th November, 2019.


  1. Ethics, Moral values, Discipline, Rules and Regulations of game.
  2. Leadership and Teamwork
  3. Confidence and physical growth


We would like to express our special thanks to CBSE for organizing such type of sporting competition which are useful for the students who wants to pursue their career in sports. We also like to thank our school management for providing a platform to conduct such events.