• Event Update: Storytelling Competition 2019

November, 13, 2019


As per the direction from CBSE, New Delhi, Lakshya International Academy conducted Storytelling competition between 10th November 2019 to 12th November 2019 from standard 3rd to 10th in the School Seminar Hall.

About the competition

Storytelling is one of the most important approaches where people feel connected and it also promotes the culture, ethics and moral values. It tells the students about the good and bad things. Children can differentiate the different shades of life. It also promotes kindness, lenience, respect, and accountability. Storytelling and literacy is well related to each other and creates a love for a different language and motivate people to read and express. Vocabulary, comprehension, sequencing, retention and imaginative writing are the other benefits of storytelling.

Art and technology without imagination are like a melody without a gadget. By Visualization it, we generate the possibility.

When kids “play a story out” they have a chance to change the characters, the conflict or the resolution. When you make those types of variations you see the potentials in a story and in life. It empowers a youngster to transform their world.

Registered students have participated in the event with the high zeal of learning and enthusiasm.

From Every class top three students were selected on the basis of following parameters:

  1. Voice (Easily Heard, Strong and effective tone inflexion, clear enunciation)
  2. Body Language (Moves body and hands to improve telling of story)
  3. Audience Engagement (Makes eye contact with the audience, holds attention, full concentration on the audience)
  4. Characters (Uses different voices for different characters, turn the body to indicate different character)
  5. Pacing (Effective pacing, strong beginning and ending)


    1. Listening and Reading Skills
    2. Moral and Social Values
    3. Differentiated between good and bad with the help of conclusive remarks and moral of the story.

Story Telling at Lakshya Academy

We would like to extend our warm gratitude to the CBSE, distinguished guests and our School Management for their support and vision.