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June, 12, 2020


Lakshya International Academy on 25th March 2020 outlined its E-learning plans to start the upcoming school year 2020-2021 on 28th March with a mix of in-person and online instruction.

School officials stressed the details are subject to change — and are wholly dependent on trends in the status of coronavirus rates.


With its tremendous growth the last decade, it’s no secret that eLearning is taking the world of education by storm. The role of eLearning is not to replace traditional classroom based education.

Its role is to supplement it, by providing educational opportunities for those cases and people where traditional learning is not possible, either due to time and location constraints or due to cost.

E-Learning Tools That Can Be Accessed By Teachers Are:

  • Course material
  • Homework
  • Assignments
  • Notes
  • Sample question papers
  • Question banks
  • Video files
  • Audio files

What does the President Say

In the education sector our immediate priority during COVID-19 lockdown and thereafter should be to utilize Advantage IT for creating a great advantage to our young India.

Our efforts should be to maximize utilization of online systems to prepare our students not only for the immediate task of completing the course work for the current academic year but also to look beyond and prepare our workforce for tomorrow’s knowledge intensive, technology driven connected work environment.

I wish a year full of learnings to our teachers and students.

Mr. Ramprawesh Ray, Founder President