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Lakshya International Academy is located in Vaishali district of Bihar state, India. The school is well connected to railways and roadways. The city is named after the Vaishali (ancient city). The history of Vaishali district is thus very ancient and finds mention in the Indian classic Mahabharata, as well as in Buddhist and Jain tradition. Vaishali derives its name from King Vishal of the Mahabharata age. Numerous references to Vaishali are found in texts pertaining to both Jainism and Buddhism, which have preserved much information on Vaishali and the other Maha Janapadas. Based on the information found in these texts, Vaishali was established as a republic by the 6th century BC, prior to the birth of Gautama Buddha in 563, making it the world’s first republic.

In the Republic of Vaishali, Lord Mahavira was born. Gautama Buddha delivered his last sermon at Vaishali and announced his Parinirvana there. Vaishali is also renowned as the land of Ambapali (also spelt as Amrapali), the great Indian courtesan, who appears in many folktales, as well as in Buddhist literature. Ambapali became a disciple of Buddha.

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