• A Report on Capacity Building Program regarding ‘Life Skills’

September, 2, 2019



Life skill program was organized at Saint Paul high school, Hajipur in collaboration with CBSE new Delhi. It is based on quality-oriented teaching and managing the class in proper way.

During the session teachers were given different sets of challenges and situations at which they have to manage the entire class of different mindsets with language as a barrier to effective communications. All the participants/teachers have to demonstrate the given situations in different styles.

Class discipline, how to start an effective lecture, innovative teaching styles are the major aspects of the teacher’s development program.

Date and Venue:

St. Paul’s High School, Hajipur, Vaishali, Bihar on 2nd July, 2019


  1. collected good quality information that fairly represents what students know and can do;
  2. analysed the information to accurately determine the achievements of students;
  3. correctly interpreted the information to report the achievements and progress of individuals and groups of students and to identify their next learning steps;
  4. reviewed the information to evaluate and modify teaching programmes; and used the information to report to inform governance and management decision making.
  5. Acknowledgement: We would like to express our special thanks to Shri. Vishundeo Rai Ji, Shri and Rampravesh Rai Ji for providing valuable guidance and golden opportunity to attend this kind of workshop.